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: Sarah Shearsmith
  Date: 1/15/99
State: Australia
my boyfriend is also Chris McNeil and he is a singer/songwriter - so I thought I'd say hi and keep on rocking.
Name: Chris McNeil
  Date: 2/5/99
State: North Bay, Ontario
I entered your website because amazingly my name is also Chris McNeil.   Good luck with all of your endevours, make the name proud!!!
Name: Charles McNeil
  Date: 3/11/99
State: Newport, Conn
great web site its nice to find other McNeils out there Im from Beverly Ma area originally.
Name: Dan McNeil
  Date: 3/17/99
State: Dorchester, MA
I've never heard of Chris before, but as a folk musician and a McNeil I am eager to hear his music.
Name: Robert Shea McNeil
  Date: 3/19/99
State: Newton, MA
Hi Chris - Great Web Site!
Name: Robert McNeil
  Date: 3/24/99
State: Stoughton, MA
Great web site Chris!
Name: Greg McNeil
  Date: 4/1/99
State: Foxboro, MA
I spent some time on your web site tonight. You have done a great job. Professional, easy to follow, interesting and fun! Nice work. You could do web design on the side! Love the music!
Name: Evelyn McNeil
  Date: 4/13/99
State: St Louis, MO
What a superb cassette.  Look forward to the CD and actually experiencing a live performance!
Name: Mike McNeil
  Date: 4/22/99
State: Clearwater, FL
its cool to find another McNeil thats a singer. 
Website : www.gulfcoastwebs.com/now-then
Name: Meghan McNeil
  Date: 4/24/99
State: Franklin, MA
hey hes a McNeil he must be good :)
Name: Christian McNeil
  Date: 5/14/99
State: Steep Falls. ME
Argh! You took my domain... you've got a great site, though. On to chrismcneil.org for me, I guess...just kidding about the domain name. You've got a good site going. For me, the search for a shorter domain name continues..I'm definitely interested in a tape.  From the clips I heard on yoursite it sounds like some good original music that you're selling.
Website: w3.ime.net/~cgmc
Name: Joel McNeil
  Date: 5/23/99
State: Round Rock, TX
Great web site!!!
I'm also a singer/songwriter (must be in the DNA).  I do concerts of contemporary Christian style music at churches, schools, colleges.  And what's more- I am a pastor who is being transferred to Round Rock, Texas (first suburb north of Austin), and my address will be "1000 McNeil Road" (no kidding- think the post office will have a field day with that?)  There is actually a little village of McNeil, TX., outside of Austin (I think it has a post office).  And there is a McNeil High School. My family hails originally from the Wilkes-Barre, PA., neck of the woods.  Looks like the smart branch of the family went to the Lone Star State and struck gold!
Name: Christina McNeil
  Date: 5/30/99
State: Grand View, ID
I am a McNeil by birth but married a Morrison. My people are from Tranent, E-Lothian Scotland. My great grandfather came to America in 1860's with his family. I am an avid genealogist and have some information on my McNeil ancestry. My dad played guitar in a band for over 30 years. There is a lot of musical and artistic talent in my family
Name: Scott McNeil
  Date: 5/30/99
State: Asheville, NC
Just surfing. . . .
Name: Chris McNeil
  Date: 6/1/99
State:  CA
Nice name
Name: Lisa McNeil
  Date: 6/7/99
State: Long Beach, CA
Name: Edward McNeil
  Date: 6/8/99
State: Long Beach, CA
My father was born in Boston, Mass and I still have family there.
Is there a connection?
Name: Daniel McNeil
  Date: 6/15/99
State: Mechanicsberg, PA
I am a singer, songwriter, musician currently working on my first CD. Was glad to know I am not the only McNeil with musical talent. We live in a small world. I listened to your song clips and was quite impressed
Name: Chris McNeil
  Date: 6/16/99
State: Theodore, AL
Name: Philip McNeil
  Date: 7/23/99
State: Taylorsville, UT
I am a lost McNeil here, I only know my family history as far back as my father, he died 3 days before I was born, so I am on a hunt to try to find out my roots.
Name: Terry (T-Bone) McNeil
  Date: 8/2/99
State: Baytown, TX
 I have heard Chris and his music is very warm. I have spent a lot of time writing him and he is a good guy. My name is Terry McNeil, a guitarist and singer from Texas. In TX they call me T-Bone. Currently in a loud southern rock, blues band called POWERLINE.  At one time or the other opened for from Van Halen to Delbert McClinton. Love music and its great to be a McNeil---Have a great day yawl!!
Name: Doug  McNeil
  Date: 9/10/99
  State: Hixson, TN
I am originally from Knoxville Tennessee and now live in Chattnaooga Tennessee. Great site, I have two cousins who named their sons Chris.
Name: Wynonna McNeil Dill
  Date: 9/20/99
  State: Miss 
Love your site. Enjoyed the clips. Looking for McNeils who immigrated on the ship "Spencer" in 1806. Please e-mail me if you have any info.
Name: Ron McNeil
  Date: 9/23/99
  State: NH
Hi! Nice, just passing through. 
My best wishes.
Name: Vanessa McNeil
  Date: 9/23/99
Great site...Keep up the cool work...
Name: Deborah McNeil
  Date: 9/24/99
  State: Carrollton, GA
Name: Keith McNeil
  Date: 10/20/99
  State: Malden, MA
Greetings fellow McNeils! I haven't heard Chris yet, but considering the amount of music I go listen to, it's bound to happen eventually. I wish I knew more about my roots. Those who know, how did you go about finding the information? Cheers! Email: KMcNeil@hotmail.com
Name: Neil McNeil
  Date: 11/13/99
  State: Marion, KY
I am the great grandson of Austin Devine Mcneil of N. Platte Nebraska
Email: K4TTL@webtv.com
Name: Gary McNeil
  Date: 12/08/99
  State: Connecticut
From Michigan, currently residing in Connecticut
Email: mcneilii@aol.com

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