Nashville Demo

I had a demo made of "When I Think of You" this week.  This song is performed by studio musicians in Nashville.  I sent them my version and they took it from there.  I've included a link for my original home recording from 12 years ago when I started in music and recording.  I sat in on the session on Skype.  It was fun.

I intend to pitch it to record companies and agents to try to get it recorded by an artist.  Please take a listen and let me know what you think of the mix.  Please send comments to  Thanks.

The song was recorded at the Nashville Studio Live,, run by Cliff Goldmacher.  Cliff and the group did an awesome job.  Much thanks to everyone.

Producer: Cliff Goldmacher

The Band:
  Voice: Tim Buppert
  Drums: Keio Stroud
  Bass: Dave Francis (Trisha Yearwood, Pam Tillis)
  Accoustic Guitar: Cliff Goldmacher
  Electric Guitar: Pat Buchanan (ACM Guitarist of the year),
                             Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney, Ray Davies

           Click here for Nashville Demo: When I Think of You Demo

           Click here for original at home recording: When I Think of You